Red de seguridad bajo forjado
Detalle  anclado red de seguridad bajo forjado
Red de seguridad bajo forjado
Detalle  anclado red de seguridad bajo forjado

Forged under

134109110344 | M2.RED S/NUDO PA 5MM BF UNE 81652 B C Q90 L

Safety net for use in floors under construction.

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  • 5
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  • 44-White
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  • Polyamide


Rombull Ronets has developed a new product which covers the strong demand that the rule UNE 81652 establishes for forged under nets. The forged under nets are manufactured in Rombull Ronets with the latest technology, net without Knot and High Tenacity Polyamide obtaining the most efficient use thanks to these characteristics of tenacity and elongation.

A new anchor has also been created to complement the colective protection system for forged under Rombull nets. Forged under safety nets are the needed protection equipment during the process of mantelling formwork systems. Rombull Ronets forged under nets systems permits the free movement of workers while form working, with the advantage of its muffling retention capacity, due to its elasticity properties. These safety systems have been designed for their exclusive use in formwork systems supported under the rule EN 1065. This safety system has not been developed to be used in systems with a height under 2,70m.

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