Safety nets


The EUROPEAN REGULA TION EN 1263-1: 2002 establishes the requirements that the different types of safety and protection nets must have, regarding the use of the nets.

Terms and conditions

MESH: Series of ropes organized in a basic geometric shape (Diamonds or squares) forming a net.

NET: Connection of meshes.

MESH SIZE: Distance between two knots or connections of a mesh rope, measured from centre to centre of those connections.

SAFETY NET: Net supported by a border rope or other supporting elements, designed to catch a falling person from heights.

MESH ROPE: Rope which the mesh of a net are manufactured from.

BORDER ROPE: Rope, which passes through each mesh at the perimeter of a net and determines the perimetric dimensions of the safety net.

TIE ROPE: Rope used to tie a border rope to a suitable support.

COUPLING ROPE: Rope used to join two or more safety nets.

MESH TEST: Mesh placed on the safety net to determine any deterioration due to the ageing and it can be removed without affecting the net performance.

SUPPORTING STRUCTURE: A structure where safety nets are secured and contribute to the absorption of the kinetic energy in case of dynamic actions.

CLASS: Net classification respective to its absorption capacity of energy and mesh size.

SYSTEM: A set of safety net components forming an equipment to be used in accordance with the instruction manual.

Safety net with border rope, attached to a gallow type support.

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Horizontal safety net with border rope.

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Safety nets for edge protection attached to brackets.


Clase A

Clase B

Sistema U

System T

Safety net tied to brackets for horizontal use.

Sport nets


Rombull, since the beginning of its activities, has sought to develop the best net products for practicing sports at professional and amateur levels. The idea is to help our sport players to achieve the best results in their competitions. Therefore, our sport articles have been developed and produced under the most demanding standards of each sport, as we list in the following pages:




In the product tables there is a “color” column with all the available options. When placing an order, it is necessary to indicate the reference of the product and then add the color code selected.

For instance, if the nets ordered are red, it must be specified as follows:

Product added to wishlist
Product added to compare.

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