M2 Knotless net PPM 5mm Q45 green Red de seguridad de posicionamiento en el trabajo 2
Work positioning The new technology of knotless nets production, allows the production of extremely rigid nets. These are installed and tensioned very tightly to provide a rigid platform where walking can be done over.
Schackle Grillete con perno 2


Stainless steel shackle with bolt, ideal to link and fix chains in an easy and fast way. Long-lasting, resistant and high load capacity.
Link with screw Mosquetón con seguro 2
Stainless Steel quick link with screw, used to link in a quick and practical way chains. It has a great load capacity and resistance.
Rope clip Sujetacable 2
Wire Ropes Clip

Rope clip

Stainless steel wire rope clip, ideal to fix steel cables. Long-lasting and easy to use.
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